2402, 2019

The Crime of Rape in the Portuguese Justice System – Current Challenges and the Future Legal Reform

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Maria Leonor Cano Crespo Dargent, University of Lisbon A pregnant woman was seeing a psychiatrist in order to cure her depression. In one

602, 2019

“A very public matter”: Belarus tightens control over the Internet

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Ivan Bezniak, Yanka Kupala State University of Grodno, Belarus   Belarus is discussing new amendments to the law on mass media, the task

602, 2019

Are Speeders Murderers?

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Maximilian Matthiesen   Are speeders murderers? - German courts had to deal with this question in 2017 and 2018. The facts of the

602, 2019

A need to reform the German abortion law?

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Merten Breisacher Universität Göttingen, Juristische Fakultät   In 2018 a German court uphold its judgment regarding a doctor from Giessen. They saw a breach

502, 2019

Shared-Parenting: two parents, two homes in Portuguese Law

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Amanda Bueno Almeida Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon, Portugal   Who will get child custody in dissolution of marriage? Should shared parenting

302, 2019

The Independence of Catalonia

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Ramón Noceda Tubío University Santiago de Compostela The Catalan independence movement is an ideology with many years of antiquity. Despite this, I want

302, 2019

Refugees of the Syrian Civil War in Turkey

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Sıla Senem Kurt Faculty of Law, University of Yeditepe, Turkey Erasmus student at Faculty of Law in Maribor   Refugees of the Syrian

302, 2019

Josep Miguel – a Spanish rapper who challenges the limits of the freedom of speech

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Sara Rocío López Sosa University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria In recent years, there have been several Spanish law cases in which

812, 2018

Should we make streaming websites illegal?

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Ann-Sophie Butenschön University of Hamburg We all know this feeling: Some good show nearly comes to an end, but a friend of yours

212, 2018

Malta’s Blockchain Legislation: widening one’s horizons or moving forward with uncertainty?

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Jake Camilleri University of Malta As of the 22nd May 2018, the government of Malta published three bills concerning the regulation of blockchain-based

112, 2018

Surrogate motherhood in the legislation of the Czech Republic

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Picture by Babygest ( Dita Ševčíková Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic As a result of the social development, the issue of the

1404, 2018

Prohibition of trading on Sunday in Poland

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by Monika Maria Cwalińska, University of Bialystok In Poland, on 1st  March 2018  the act“on limiting trade on Sundays and public holidays and

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