Wei Liu Wu

Universidad Camilo José Cela, Spain

By the time people are more interested about the red social. At least if you are trying to look at Twitter, Facebook, Google or virtually any other large non-chinese site. For years, the only way to get to such services has been with a virtual private network, calls VPN.

A virtual private network (VPN) is a technology that creates a safe and encrypted connection over a less secure network, such as the internet.

This make us think about some right to freedom of expression and access to information, which everyone should have. Focusing on a culture where freedom expression is controverily controlled by the Chinese government.

The Communist Party is able to block selected websites and filter words out of searches made on computers without a secure connection. This is why several platforms of apps which can complement those apps.

The famous made in china, is integrated into society with plataforms that make the same function or even an improved version of the original.

Among them we can highlight that Weichat is the star platform that everyone uses, its power of reach is so viral that it is practically integrated in the day to day of society, from making a video call to the point of paying the rent of your house, pay the taxi driver through the application, or even buy the weekly purchase all by clicking on your smartphone.

All are favorable points, since there is no need to fear that you can steal the account, there is a strong protection of information, but ultimately belongs to the state. According to studies, most users do not take into account that they are accepting preconceived conditions by large multinationals, it turns out to have a dark side of the famous ´´accept cookies´´ after a flight search or a simple purchase in Amazon, everything is covered under the big iceberg of big data.

All these changes are caused by the advance of technology, the strong impact of the internet, globalization and the need to feel integrated into the telecommunications community, which we all unconsciously accept as correct and viable, in my opinion there should be campaigns that help to make people aware of cyber protection, there should be laws that protect personal data.

Although it is true, that like everything, it is required to have a certain perspective. By the years I realized the things works different depends of your perspective to see, need time to make people understand the difference between countries, the culture and the government.

All these, can analyze from two sides. On one hand, for years Chinese researchers have complained they lack adequate access and methods to communicate with universities around the world, while developers rely on code hosted on websites based outside China. But, on the other hand, this supposes a protection for the own country, because without relying on an external source they can achieve an answer to their problems from within, it makes grow from within and without having an external influence.